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Multiverse Partners
Multiverse Partners

Connecting the Dots in the Media Universe.

We are media, advertising and technology specialists.

Multiverse Partners - We are media + advertising and technology specialists.

About Us

We are specialists in media + advertising and technology.

Proven multi-disciplinary know-how, including:

  • Business and market development.

  • Strategy and go-to-market.

  • Advertising / Sponsorships.

  • Content development.

  • Research, big data, analytics.

  • Technology infrastructure.

  • Talent acquisition and management.

Multiverse Partners - Our customers are companies that are seeking gowth in Asia

What We Do

Our customers are companies that are seeking growth in Asia.

We partner with our customers in their expansion journeys, making a bold difference to grow their businesses in Asia Pacific.

Guided by uncompromising trust and integrity in delivering true value to our customers.


Design low-risk, agile and scalable business model and tech stack.


Safeguard our customer’s business interests at all times.


Our Expertise


Multi-platform research and analytics

Connecting the dots from a diverse array of data sets, we have the expertise to piece together the big story and insights.

Television, OTT and digital media

Consumers have many ways to access content across a multitude of devices. We understand exactly how each media works from content produces and distributors down to audience behaviours.

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Advertising monetisation

Advertising across Television, OTT and digital media continues to grow in Asia Pacific. We provide the expertise to create the business model, the strategy, the technology and the know-how in monetizing advertising inventories.

Technology development and infrastructure

Digital transformation provides the scalability much needed to drive hyper-growth. We have the expertise to build and develop the tech-stack and infrastructure to support your growth.


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Access to decision makers

Asia’s media landscape is hugely fragmented and layered with different cultures. Our partners are seasoned industry veterans with the know-how and access to media owners, intermediaries, influencers and key decision makers in the eco-system.


Featured Projects

Multiverse Partners takes on high profile and top of the league projects, from programmatic advertising and marketing automation to analytics and content distribution.



Idomoo brings together the power of video and data in delivering "wow" moments that engage and excite target audiences. Idomoo is the pioneering leader in real-time generated Native Personalised Video technology.

Multiverse Partners is the regional business development partner of Idomoo, distributing Idomoo's Personalised Video as a Service (PVaaS) platform, in Asia.

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SelectMedia is a full-stack advertising technology solution for the online publishing ecosystem. Advertisers have direct access to high-quality video, display and mobile audience inventory on a global scale with guaranteed quality, viewability and brand safety from our proprietary Video Guard Technology (VGT). Major publishers use SelectMedia's comprehensive suite of video, header bidding display technology to eliminate cost, maximize yield and create exposure to new demand sources.

Multiverse Partners represents SelectMedia as a regional business development partner in the Asia Pacific.


Motorsport Network, founded in 2015 represents the largest audience of motorsport and auto enthusiasts in the world. 

​ is the integrated video ecosystem developed by Motorsport Network to cater to the world of motor racing and automotive experience. streams live and recorded motorsport events direct to consumers worldwide across all devices and platforms. It carries a wide-ranging racing series from the track, street to off-road competitions.

Multiverse Partners is the international business development (except Russia and the Middle East).


Contact Us

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Basil Chua, Managing Director - Asia Pacific

MVX Management LLP

We work with senior partners across Asia.

To get in touch with us, please email: