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Join the Asia Pacific fast-track with Multiverse Partners’ APAC Launchpad.

New for 2024  ▶︎  Master APAC market expansion before your competition does.
Now, you can fast-track your success with Multiverse Partners' APAC Launchpad programme using our 3-Step Sprint Framework for GTM.

Multiverse Partners China Advertising

China Advertising.

Capturing the Hearts and Wallets of 1.4B Consumers

Discover what it takes to supercharge your CX marketing with Personalised Video. We help brands drive long-term customer lifetime value, unlock new revenue streams, and build engagement and loyalty through our data-driven personalised video programmes. We provide full personalised video strategy consulting, data integration, and project management professional services.


The future of customer service is here with

live-streamed interactive AI assistants.

AI-generated talking avatars provide your customers with real-time assistance and two-way conversations to take your brand's customer service to the next level.


Our partnership with D-ID and other technology partners makes it possible for a fully customisable and secure enterprise AI platform for global brands.


Client Partnership.

Partnership defines our business from joint problem solving, and co-creation to co-learning and delivering result-focused solutions with impact. Our clients range from multinational to post-funded tech start-up companies - our partnership approach and commitment to delivering high quality professional services remain the same.


Our promise: High impact content, media, and sponsorship solutions.

Multiverse Partners works with partners and leading service providers with deep expertise in content, media, and sponsorships. Our CMS advisory practice will partner with you to define your brief, understand your value propositions and target audiences and map the revenue opportunities through data-driven advertising, sponsorship, and creative media solutions. Attribution, econometric modelling, research, data analytics, and insights are some of the tools we use to ensure a science-based approach to valuation and value exchange.

◼︎ More on sponsorship marketing.

◼︎ More on China Advertising.


Our promise: Cut-through strategic business and marketing solutions.

Our strategic marketing advisory practice brings together a network of expert partners and leading service providers with deep domain experiences. They bring a new perspective to solving your business and marketing challenges. We will journey with you in co-learning and co-creation, identifying root causes and developing data-driven, evidence-based strategic solutions. Through scenario planning and reiteration, we will develop the best path strategy incorporating risk management in the solution.

◼︎ More on strategic marketing.


Our promise: Accelerate your market entry, business development, and ecosystem partnerships.

Tap into our network of business partners, leading service providers, and experts who are experienced and knowledgeable. Our GTM Acceleration brand advisory practice will partner with you to define your brief, undertake market feasibility studies, and create a sustainable business model and result-focused go-to-market plan. We will hand-hold the process all the way, testing and validating, until the project is successfully delivered and the mission accomplished. We manage the road to success as much as mitigating risks throughout the project life cycle.

◼︎ More on GTM acceleration.

◼︎ More on APAC Launchpad.

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Asia is home to 60% of the world’s population.

Asia is a complex ecosystem of 49 sovereign nations and 4.6 billion people. These non-homogenous markets are undergoing rapid digital transformation and GDP growth. To access these markets will require deep cultural understanding and strategic partnerships. 


We work with a strong network of senior marketing, advertising, media professionals and business partners across these territories.

Multiverse Partners - Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Professional Services, Marketing, Media, Advertising
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Multiverse Partners - Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Professional Services, Marketing, Media, Advertising


We solve business and marketing challenges - We create new business opportunities.

Founded in 2014, we are a specialised boutique marketing professional services firm focused on growing our customer's business in Asia.  We connect the dots in the media universe. We are experts in the world of marketing, advertising, and media. And we are passionate about partnering with our clients to solve their business challenges and create growth opportunities.

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We work with a network of strategy advisors, consulting partners, and tech vendors in delivering high value and exceptional quality services reaching target decision-makers.

Multiverse Partners - Marketing, Advertising, Media

Marketing, Advertising, Media

From marketing strategies to personalisation, branding, communications and performance advertising; figuring out your Adtech and Martech platforms, or sponsorship commercialisation, content creation and distribution, and audience measurement, we understand what it takes to deliver results.

Multiverse Partners - Business Development and Strategies

Business Development

We work with both for-profit and non-profit organisations pursuing growth through strategic partnerships, go-to-market commercialisation and distribution, investments and financing.

Multiverse Partners - Digital innovation and sustainable marketing

Digital Innovation and Sustainable Marketing

Business strategies on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), business model innovation, digital transformation, ecosystem and platform strategies, ESG and SDG.


Working with us means client commitment, greater purpose, and above all confidentiality.


We are committed to delivering high-quality professional services with integrity, transparency, and in the best interest of our clients, our employees, partners, and the community.


Respect for the human person, society, and the environment in all that we do - diversity, equality, and inclusiveness.


We hold to the same standard, the confidentiality, customer privacy and data protection of our clients and partners.

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For more information, please feel free to contact:

Basil Chua, Managing Partner (Singapore)​

We work with senior partners across Asia.

To get in touch with us, please email:

Singapore ● Hong Kong ● North America

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