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APAC Launchpad

Join the Asia Pacific fast-track with Multiverse Partners’ APAC Launchpad.

Master APAC market expansion before your competition does.

At Multiverse Partners, we curate high-growth tech businesses worldwide and prime them for success in APAC.


Expanding into this dynamic market is an exciting move, and our 3-step sprint programme will equip you with everything you need to impress your board and drive your success in APAC. 


It's not just about making a move; it's about making an impact - one that could redefine your company's future. Get ready to shine in the APAC market with Multiverse Partners. The APAC Launchpad Team is looking forward to welcoming you to the programme.

Read the feature article in ExchangeWire.

Here‘s what you‘ll get

Insider expertise

Partner network access

Market entry strategy

B2B performance marketing

In-market mentoring

GTM sales activation

With Multiverse as your launch partner, you'll gain the exact framework and insights needed to succeed in Asia's complex markets. Don't let your company miss out while others shape the future of APAC.

Join the Launchpad program and fast track your success.

Seize your APAC opportunity today

Email apply for your spot in the upcoming Launchpad cohort.

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Welcome to APAC

We'll be your in-market partner paving the way with marketing, advertising, and an extended on-ground team – offering tailor-made market penetration and growth strategies.


From generative artificial intelligence (AI) to data-driven, personalised video services, dynamic content optimisation (DCO), and creative storytelling for your Net-Zero marketing, we have the expertise to guide your route to market in the Asia Pacific.

APAC in Numbers

$75.2 trillion
Gross domestic product

An economic powerhouse

The APAC region accounts for nearly half of the world's GDP at USD 75.2 trillion, led by China, Japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia.

32 yrs old
Average age

A youthful and dynamic market

A large young population driving demand for tech, education, and entertainment services. For a total of 4.2 billion people, the average life expectancy is 75 years, and the median age is 32 years old.

3.5 billion
Middle class by 2030

A rising middle class

Between 2020 and 2030, the middle-class population in Asia Pacific will swell from 2 billion to 3.5 billion people – an increase of 73% equal to 89% of global growth.

Mobile penetration

A mobile-first economy

With a significant mobile adoption rate of 76%, APAC is considered a rich landscape for mobile-first businesses looking to expand their global footprint.

$1.1 trillion
Online consumer spend

Rapid Digital Adoption

The world’s fastest digital adoption rates and largest e-commerce market.  APAC's top 10 markets generated over USD 1.1 trillion in online consumer spending in 2021.

$250 billion
Annual Ad spend

Spending big on advertising

2023 ad spend in APAC was USD$250 billion and rising. Over one-third of the world’s advertising expenditure is in APAC led by TV and digital media - half of the top 10 global markets are in APAC.

The Challenge

Navigating the diverse cultural tapestry and complex regulatory compliance with ease.

Many have underestimated the labyrinth of complexity operating in APAC. Culture and compliance are at the top of the list for APAC market entry.

With us, you’ll have a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of this diverse region. We'll help you navigate these cultural nuances and regulatory compliance and gain access to local networks and other crucial ingredients for success in APAC.

Multiverse Partners APAC Launchpad
Multiverse Partners APAC Launchpad

“The landscape may evolve but one thing remains constant - Asia's pivotal role as the engine of future growth”

APAC is a vibrant blend of languages and cultures, which can be daunting for newcomers.. Navigating this dynamic and complex region requires more than a translated website.


Success hinges on adaptability, local partnerships, and cultural immersion. Although the landscape's complexity might daunt some, it also presents lucrative opportunities for the adventurous.

Beyond prominent financial hubs like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, each sub-market region harbours distinct specialisms and practices. 

Our Partnership Advantage

Focus. Impact. Results.

Discover the potential of APAC with our expert team. We offer comprehensive market analysis and strategic insights to help you navigate the region's diverse markets. Our services are designed to accelerate your market entry and drive sustainable growth.

Take a deep dive into APAC with our market specialists.

Our market entry services provide you with a clear roadmap to enter APAC markets successfully. Our experienced team in marketing, advertising, and media - offers tailored co-creation strategies, local market research, and regulatory guidance to ensure a smooth and efficient entry process. Let us help you unlock new opportunities and establish a strong presence in the region.

Accelerated market entry and growth.

Our market entry services provide you with a clear roadmap to enter APAC markets successfully. We offer tailored strategies, business development, marketing activation, local market research, and regulatory guidance to ensure a smooth and efficient entry process. Let us help you unlock new opportunities and establish a strong presence in the region.

Scale up with product-market fit and localisation expertise.

We'll ensure your product and its messaging resonate with local audiences, bridging the product-market gap and setting you up for rapid scaling.

APAC Launchpad - Market Entry Strategies to the Asia Pacific.

Orchestrating and participating in the ecosystem.

The ecosystem is the ticket to rapid and smooth market success. Our extensive network will open doors to new opportunities for the key strategic players to scale your business, from strategic suppliers to customers and regulators.

Data-driven market research and decision-making.

Our in-depth market research provides valuable customer insights, competitive market intelligence, and market trends, empowering your company to make informed data-driven decisions. Collaborating with reputable in-market research experts ensures you stay ahead of the competition.

Integrated GTM and strategic sales pipeline.

Every market action is deliberate and calculated. With detailed integrated GTM B2B sales and marketing planning, we will embark on strategic partner and customer acquisition, building a robust ecosystem, a down-to-earth revenue pipeline, and long-term profitable sales momentum.

Multiverse Partners APAC Launchpad.jpg
A simple framework for a complex market

Our proven results-driven business and market development framework is versatile and adaptable, ensuring predictable success in achieving ambitious goals.

Our 3-step sprint

Our process is systematically designed to help you achieve predictable business results and outcomes. More importantly, it serves as the foundational playbook for achieving rapid acceleration. Click here to find out more about how it works.

APAC Launchpad - Market Entry Strategies to the Asia Pacific.

Sprint 1 – Product-Market Assessment
Deep Dive into Product and Market Exploration

Sprint 2 – Strategy Development

Market-tailored Strategies for Targeted Growth

Sprint 3 – Test and Learn Optimisation

Business Launch and Ongoing Strategy Adaptation

Success stories

Tech Innovators' Triumphs of Market Expansion in APAC

APAC Launchpad - Market Entry Strategies to the Asia Pacific.

Achieving Market Dominance

An Adtech Start-up's Rapid Expansion in Southeast Asia

A burgeoning Adtech start-up, fuelled by late-stage VC funding, successfully penetrated South East Asia's competitive market, establishing a solid regional presence and setting the stage for future growth. Read more →

APAC Launchpad - Market Entry Strategies to the Asia Pacific.

Navigating New Horizons

A Mature Martech Company's Successful Foray into Asia Pacific

An established Martech enterprise, renowned for its cross-media data science capabilities, successfully ventured into the Asia Pacific region, overcoming market saturation, and diversifying its customer base and revenue. Read more →

APAC Launchpad - Market Entry Strategies to the Asia Pacific.

Global Aspirations

A Generative-AI Platform's Successful APAC Expansion

An innovative generative-AI tech platform, transitioned from successes in local markets to global expansion, overcoming challenges and unlocking new opportunities with the strategic guidance of the Multiverse Partners' APAC Launchpad. Read more →


Our commitment

"We wholeheartedly commit to our client partners and stakeholders, prioritizing their needs and fostering enduring relationships built on trust and mutual success."

Strict confidentiality and trust.

Your trade secrets and proprietary information are sacred to us. Every team member undergoes rigorous training to uphold the strictest confidentiality, adhering to disclosure policies and guidelines with unwavering diligence.

AI responsible use and ethics.

We are steadfast in our commitment to responsible and ethical use of AI and technology, and data privacy policies, and abiding by prevailing regulations and policies.

Prioritising your best interest.

We promise to consistently provide professional services marked by integrity and driven by your best interests. Your success is our success.

Sustainability and environment.

Our dedication extends beyond business success; we pledge to minimising our environmental impact. We actively promote sustainable practices while fostering human development.

Further reading

Multiverse Partners‘
APAC Launchpad programme

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At Multiverse Partners, we're committed to delivering on our promises. We believe in a partnership approach, where your success is our success.


While others may promise the Earth, we've designed this collaborative programme to provide sustainable, actionable strategies that truly deliver.


Your journey into APAC starts here. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together!

Email to find out more..

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