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Multiverse Partners Sponsorship Marketing



What is sponsorship marketing?

Sponsorship is an essential heavy-hitting strategic advertising asset in a marketing arsenal.


A key element of brand marketing, sponsorship marketing creates deep emotional connections and reaches target audiences quickly with the right media.

Multiverse Partners Sponsorship Marketing

"When you buy into a sponsorship, it is because the cause, idea, brand, or project is worthy of support."

Is sponsorship marketing right for your brand?

When you buy into a sponsorship, it is because the cause, idea, brand, or project is worthy of support. It may be an epic movie, drama series, factual docuseries, a food festival, sports event, or a rock concert. Regardless, when you sponsor, your brand becomes intertwined with the story.


Sponsorship marketing can create a strategic advantage for your business if:

  • Your products and services are showing promising growth potential.

  • Outpacing competitors' market share is essential in your business strategy.

  • Brand awareness, presence, and experience are vital to creating long-term brand value.

  • Lifting your brand by associating with another brand of a higher status.

  • Getting the word out cost-effectively and quickly.

How is sponsorship marketing measured?

There are two marketing tactics in this world: brand marketing and direct response marketing (commonly known as performance marketing). Each has its purpose and plays a different role in a marketing campaign.


Brand marketing builds long-term brand presence and trust. It comprises upper-funnel marketing activities (sponsorship marketing included) that seldom result in short-term sales. But it is an essential part of a customer experience journey.


Brand awareness and attitude are the most common metrics for measuring sponsorship marketing. Nonetheless, measuring sales effectiveness and attribution are often times necessary to determine the contribution of the sponsorship investment as part of a campaign.

How to evaluate sponsorship opportunties?

There are no universal frameworks for evaluating sponsorship opportunities. Each sponsorship is assessed based on its merits and strategic impact depending on the brand's overarching objectives and accompanying quantitative analyses.

A 12-point checklist for evaluating sponsorship opportunities:

  • What is the sponsorship's purpose, cause, idea, story, or project?

  • What are the sponsorship's rights, privileges, credits, benefits, entitlements, and deliverables?

  • Who are its target audiences?

  • What is the extent of brand exposure in reach and frequency?

  • What is the strategic impact on your business and brand value?

  • How does backing this sponsorship enhance your competitive advantage?

  • How does this sponsorship fit your brand marketing strategy and customer experience journey?

  • How will this sponsorship lift your brand awareness, recall, and customer perception?

  • How will the sponsorship impact your lifetime customer value, acquisition, retention, and churn?

  • What are the economic model and expected financial return on investment?

  • What is an acceptable fair market value of the sponsorship?

  • What are the fine prints and risks?


We deliver high-impact content, media, and sponsorship solutions.

Multiverse Partners works with partners and leading service providers with deep expertise in content, media, and sponsorships. Our CMS advisory practice will partner with you to define your brief, understand your value propositions and target audiences and map the revenue opportunities through data-driven advertising, sponsorship, and creative media solutions. Attribution, econometric modelling, research, data analytics, and insights are some of the tools that we use to ensure a science-based approach to valuation and value exchange.

Multiverse Partners Sponsorship Marketing
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