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Multiverse Partners Personalised Video

your CX marketing with Personalised Video.

Our Dynamic Content Studio is helping brands drive long-term customer lifetime value, unlock new revenue streams, and build engagement and loyalty through our data-driven personalised video programmes.

What is Personalised Video?

Personalised video is a type of dynamic, data-driven video content that is customised to individual viewers based on their unique attributes, such as their name, location, interests, or behaviours. This type of video content is designed to create a more engaging and personalised experience for target recipients.

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How Personalised Video drives long-term commercial uplift by improving the customer experience.

Success Story: 286% Loyalty Redemption

Working with a high-profile multinational retailer, our personalised video programme drove an uplift of 286% in redemption rates of loyalty points compared to non-personalised control videos.

Success Story: Reduce Call Centre Volume by more than 50%

​A recent project for a multinational telecoms provider reduced call centre volumes by more than 50% by accompanying the new customer onboarding process with a personalised video explainer.

Did you know that a staggering 84% of all internet traffic will be video by 2024 (Cisco)? 

Consumers watch more video content than ever and are likelier to engage with and share it than other media forms. Well-designed personalised videos are more entertaining and engaging, resulting in higher click-through and video completion rates. A recent HubSpot study showed that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support

Unlock the power of personalisation.

Businesses that adopt personalisation technology have been reaping the rewards. Digital-savvy consumers today expect brand interactions to be highly personalised to the individual, similar to a direct one-to-one conversation. Personalised marketing can lead to an average sales lift of 19% (McKinsey).


By working with Advanced Creative Studio, we can ensure your message is visible and memorable by harnessing the power of highly engaging creative and data-driven video personalisation using an enterprise-class marketing tech stack.

Personalised Video Case Studies

Personalised Videos significantly enhance a brand's customer interaction and engagement throughout the Customer Experience Journey.

To find out more about how Personalised Videos can work for your brand, please get in touch with our team.