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Multiverse Partners APAC Launchpad

Success stories

Case study 1: An emerging adtech startup
An emerging Adtech start-up powered by late-stage VC funding set its sights on a rapid Southeast Asian expansion. The mission: Swiftly established a robust regional presence in preparation for the next funding round.

Case study 2: Matured Martech company seeks new markets
A reputable enterprise tech company, highly regarded for its advanced cross-media data science capabilities, had long reigned as a domestic market leader. Faced with a saturated "Red Ocean" market, they sought to diversify their customer base and revenue. Multiverse Partners emerged as their trusted strategic ally in this pursuit across the Asia Pacific.

Case study 3: New AI company seeks APAC expansion
A trailblazing generative AI tech company, freshly fuelled by post-funding optimism, had garnered acclaim and success within its home turf. The time had come to embark on an exhilarating international expansion journey, and they turned to Multiverse Partners as their trusted strategic guide.

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We hold in high regard the confidentiality and privacy of our valued client partners, and as such, we take great care to safeguard their sensitive information. For the sake of discretion, we intentionally refrain from disclosing company names and specific details.

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